Engineering optimal sexual relationships

Biological existence is the self-replication of RNA and DNA. Human organisms are a form of an external environment, manipulated by RNA and DNA to facilitate their replication. Not the preservation of individual existence is the principle of all life, but the replication of RNA and DNA. Self-cognition can arrive at the conclusion that only the metaphysical pleasure of reproductive behavior, or optimal sex, is worthwhile to stay alive.


Humans, male and female, have economic needs, social needs, emotional needs, and sexual needs. But only sexual needs are convincing enough to opt for life instead of death. Economic and social needs are logistical in nature, and emotional needs are an adjunct to sexual needs. Nevertheless, the fulfillment of sexual needs is not only traded for the reciprocal fulfillment of sexual needs, but also commonly for the fulfillment of emotional needs, and also of social and economic needs. Sexual market value determines the comparative worth of a person's sexuality. Sexual economics explains transaction considerations and transaction mechanisms.

Sexual market value and sexual competition

Sexual market value and sexual selection

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The sexual-market-value dilemma

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